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In Case of an Electrical Emergency Answers

1. Water conducts electricity, so if you throw water on an electrical fire it could make the fire bigger and spread it, or you could be shocked. You should tell an adult to use a multipurpose fire extinguisher instead.

2. If you touch someone who has been shocked and they are still contacting the source of the electricity, you could be shocked, too.

3. b) If you see a fallen power line, the only safe thing to do is to stay far away from it and tell an adult. If you jump over it or try to move it with a stick you could be seriously hurt or even killed.

4. If you are in a car with a power line on or near it, the safest thing to do is b) stay in the car.

5. Items that would be useful to have in a safety kit during a power outage include: flashlight, matches, extra batteries, radio, can opener, extra food, first aid supplies, extra water, etc.

6. If you see lightning or hear thunder and can’t get indoors, you are safest b) in a hardtop car.

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