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Milk Carton TestThe Milk Carton Test
It takes energy to heat water, so if you can use hot water more efficiently you can save energy.

To find out if your shower is using more water than necessary, open an empty, half-gallon cardboard milk carton and hold it up to your showerhead while fully on. Be sure to catch all the water that comes out. If the carton fills in less than 10 seconds, your shower could use an energy-efficient showerhead. Ask your family to install low-flow heads on faucets, too.

The Finger Test
Tiny cracks and air leaks can add up to a hole the size of a wide-open window. Fix these leaks so your heater and air conditioner can do their jobs with less energy.

Wet your finger and feel around doors, windows, and air conditioners for air flowing through. Put a sticky-note by any leaks you find. Ask an adult to seal leaks between moving parts (between the door and its frame) with weatherstripping and to fill leaks between nonmoving parts (between the window frame and wall) with caulk.

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