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Use Energy Efficiently Answers


1. Energy efficiency means changing or moving the most matter with the least amount of energy.

2. Energy efficiency is important because it saves precious energy resources, helps the environment, and reduces families’ energy costs.

3. Some ways to conserve energy are to turn out lights and take shorter showers. Students may or may not be able to distinguish between conserving energy, which means using less, and energy efficiency, which means using less energy while getting more service from your appliances.

4. Pictures will vary. Students may include any of the following examples, or others:

  • Using compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Using an energy-efficient showerhead
  • Turning off lights/appliances when not in use
  • Closing refrigerator door
  • Keeping air conditioner at 76-78° F
  • Turning down heat
  • Using window coverings wisely
  • Shutting the door
  • Washing full loads of dishes or clothes
  • Fixing a leak

5. Appliances that might feature the ENERGY STAR label (which helps you find super-efficient models) could include a refrigerator/freezer, a dishwasher, a clothes washer, a furnace, an air conditioner, a computer, a television, a ceiling fan, light bulbs, and light fixtures.

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