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Sustainability Search Activity


Frito Lay and the East Japan Railway Company are just a few examples of large companies that are working to use energy sustainably and reduce the impact they have on the environment.

Do some Internet research to find other examples of large or small businesses, countries, agencies, or individuals who have improved the ways they use energy or other resources through new technology or simply using less.

Kids on computer

Try doing a web search for some of the following:

  • Green companies
  • Environmentally friendly companies
  • Green corporations
  • Green technology
  • Top green countries
  • Environmentally friendly countries
  • Environmental sustainability index

Present your findings to the class in an oral report. Here are some ideas of what to include in your talk:

  • Name and location of the company/country
  • Size of the company/country
  • Type of technology being used to save energy
  • Date the technology was installed
  • Specific examples of the amount and type of energy saved
  • Positive environmental impacts this company/country is having

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