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What’s Sustainable? Answers


1. "Sustainable" means having the ability to continue.

2. Ways that students could have used energy recently include: heated water for tea, cooked, used lights, heated water for bathing or laundry, talked on a cell phone, watched TV, listened to an iPod.

3. We can make the nonrenewable resources of fossil fuels and nuclear energy last longer by conserving energy and not wasting it, and by using energy from renewable sources.

4. Mining and transporting fossil fuels can cause air and water pollution and disrupt local ecosystems.

5. Using energy sustainably is good for the environment because it helps control pollution, reduces CO2 emissions, and preserves energy resources.

6. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using energy wisely at home (by making daily choices that protect the environment) and by using energy from renewable energy sources.

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