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Plant a Tree

Trees help balance the effects of energy use and human activities:

  • Leaves—Leaves capture sunlight and turn it into the energy the tree uses to grow. In the process, the tree absorbs CO2 and gives off oxygen.
  • Bark and Wood—The outer bark protects the tree. The inner bark moves sap and water to where the tree needs them.
  • Shade—Tree shade makes a nice place for people and animals to cool down on hot days.
  • Roots—Roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil, keep the tree stable, and store energy.

Mouse over the four leaf symbols on the tree to learn more.


More than 15 billion of the world’s trees are chopped down every year. We can help offset this loss by planting trees near our homes and schools. Talk with your family about planting a tree in your yard or neighborhood, or find out about tree-planting and tree-care efforts in your community.